greetings from vienna

acoustic postcards

a radia transmission realized by the radia-team of radio orange:
fiona steinert, michael hammerschmid, ernst reitermaier, ilse chlan, lale rodgarkia-dara

concept: ernst reitermaier

sound engineer: lale rodgarkia-dara

voices: fiona steinert, ernst reitermaier

what can be heard in vienna? are there acoustic tourist-attractions, sounds you should not miss when you come to vienna? are there certain sounds from the daily life which differ from the sounds of the daily life elsewhere or that even exist only in vienna? in how far are these sounds replaceable? are these sounds really representable for vienna?

in this radia emission we want to send greetings from vienna to all the countries where radia can be heard. we have asked some artists to compose small sound-sculptures of two minutes each  with original sounds from vienna.

various artists have sent contributions. in the order of appearance in this transmission:
astrid schwarz, werner moebius, FM zombiemaus & karl kilian, Ilse chlan, raumschiff engelmayr,johannes paul heilig, donnerstagsdemo, joerg piringer, lale rodgarkia-dara, arno splinks, barbara kaiser,bernhard gal, ernst reitermaier, arnold haberl aka noid, ulrich troyer,kera nagel,andré aspelmeier

sounds are taken from the means of public transport, socialacoustic pehonomena, food, public places and daily live in vienna. you will hear an eclectic mixtures of  soundscapes and processed sounds in small pieces of  two minutes length, which can be taken as acoustic postcards from vienna designed by these 18 radio artists and sent via the radio.